Relaxed Yet Buttoned Up.
Black Tie Creative.

Comfortable and "homey", surprising and enjoyable.  We set out to design a day at Castle Hill inn that was filled with juxtaposition - a truly adventurous design.  Natural yet vibrant and lively.  Old with new. Vintage and modern. Classic yet trendy.

Jenn wanted multiple soft seating areas.  Pieces were specially sourced from Brooklyn, NY, and delivered to Rhode Island.  To carry through with a "homey" feeling, we created the most welcoming entrance to her cocktail tent complete with a "Well, Come on In" door mat. The chairs to her entrance lounge pictured above were strategically placed to make guests feel they were walking into a wonderfully styled, welcoming space. This set the tone for guest arrival.  

The couple shared a love for the American flag, and it was used as a backdrop to her lounge and bar.  To honor their love of fly fishing, custom-made fly's were placed on each guest napkin.  Citrus twists added to the juxtaposition of color with a pop of vibrant and lively against the other earthy, grounded colors.   It all worked together in a dance to transform a blank canvas tent at Castle Hill Inn into a welcoming, dynamic space.

exit gallery

Joseph Laurin Photography