My favorite moment is when it all clicks. The random ideas start to make sense.  A vision starts to take form.  

These are the parties you want to go to.

Life called. After seven years, I decided to close the doors to care for my family. I spent the next two years as a stay-at-home Mom; but the ideas could not be stopped. As I boiled water for Mac-n-Cheese, a business plan hatched in iPhone notes.

there was another little road block...

It all began with a little problem — an average of 75 couples each year would inquire, and I could rarely accommodate more than five to ten. I value each inquiry as special and unique, so I knew I had to expand my service line. Expansion meant supporting more couples in designing amazing weddings. I began listening to client inquiries, shifting focus to their specific needs, and evaluating industry trends. 

What was the result of life throwing some unexpected changes?

A wedding planning and design service built exactly for you. 

I genuinely hope this newly opened door serves you well.  A wedding planning and design service built to break the mold of one size fits all and one that specifically serves design-focused couples.

There were many points when I was sure my time as a wedding planner had ended. But a little voice spoke up daily inside, reminding me of my love of collaboration with clients to make their dreams come to life. 

There is a saying: sometimes one door has to close for another to open.

Molly Lo Photography

As fate would have it, opportunity came knocking twice during that time.  First, I was presented with the incredible opportunity to plan my first destination wedding. 

Second, I was asked to come out of retirement to plan a Newport, RI wedding. I took both. 


Design Focused Wedding Planning.


People would enjoy wedding planning a lot more if they had fun along the way.


Celebratory. Client partnership is very much about ENJOYING THE JOURNEY AS MUCH AS THE ACTUAL DAY.


 focuses on experience and innovation, rather than formula and routine.


I maintain a commitment to a smaller clientele. this allows for greater awareness to detail & attention to each client.  above all, it nurtures relationships that extend beyond planning. 


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In the words of my clients:

Thank you for staying level-headed and having fun with us as we planned our wedding weekend. It surpassed all my expectations, and was just perfect.
 You helped us execute on a vision that existed, but I could only articulate piecemeal. 

"Wow. Just wow. We did it! And it was PERFECT! Thank you for teaming up with us to create the most magical weekend of our lives. 

Elizabeth somehow had a way of helping us get to know this entire vendor community - the vendors knew each other, knew our venue, and had worked together on multiple occasions. In essence, Elizabeth built the team of vendors that ran our wedding (flawlessly, I might add!)."

"There is no way we could have planned our wedding without Elizabeth.

Truly, you set a standard of even-steven. Moves and decisions that build trust steadily and genuinely. More important though is that, amidst your professionalism, you simultaneously made us feel so well take care of."

"Your professionalism and attention to detail inspired me beyond what you may know.   

Thank you so much for orchestrating the most perfect and amazing wedding for us.  Ben and I had the best day ever and are still glowing inside and out. Every detail was so very "us" and it was so incredible to walk into the tent and see it all together. I cannot tell you how many of our guests have told me "no seriously, it was the best wedding ever."

"I cannot tell you how many of our guests have told me "no seriously, it was the best wedding ever."

When we embarked on this fabulous journey we had stars in our eyes and little in our “how we gonna pull this off” brain.Come January, we came to a realization that we needed help….big help.  Word came back….Get Elizabeth. You helped us in so many ways..making all the wheels turn seamlessly. You are a wonder."

"You helped us in so many ways..making all the wheels turn seamlessly. You are a wonder." 

"Elizabeth, you are a gem! B + T’s wedding weekend was an amazing experience for all of us. The entire weekend just seemed to flow seamlessly and joyfully. If there were snags or hitches, I’m totally clueless about them. I have to think that speaks volumes about your mastery and competence. Elizabeth, I could never have imagined or hoped for the magnificent event you helped orchestrate. Much love."

"Elizabeth, I could never have imagined or hoped for the magnificent event you helped orchestrate. Much love."

My mom, who loves planning events and was instrumental in planning my wedding many years ago, could not get over just how beautiful it all was and what an unbelievable job you did and I couldn't agree more.

"Thank you for your kindness and generosity of spirit. 

the professional bio:

I began my career in events in 2008 working for one of the region's most well-respected caterers.

During my time there I held roles in sales, management, marketing, and assisted in opening new venues.  That role included creating sales processes and collateral, educating the venue team, selecting furniture, developing contracts and in some cases, full build outs from blueprint plans, creating logos and so much more. 

I was the first event manager for the Providence Public Library once we completed their renovation to an event space.

I began my own company in 2012 as G L A S S event planning and renamed and expanded offerings in 2020 under Elizabeth Lutz Boutique Design & Event Planning. 

have you found your place?

Wedding celebrations that 




 the test of time and 

 of memories.

create a 

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