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Which service is for you?

Full Service is for those who know deep down they want to go for it.  You're ready to plan a celebration totally unique to you!   You desire complete management of your celebration and value a planning experience that is seamless, stress free and enjoyable.

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complete management

Full Service Design


As a Full Service couple, you will receive a customized approach so you can continue to live your life and also celebrate your engagement knowing a trusted partner is by your side spearheading the process.

We carefully build your vendor team with those who are artisans in their own craft and align with my boutique experience.




Design Blueprint

You're handling planing well and are enjoying it, but you are struggling with design and making sense of your ideas.

You feel confident in the support of your vendors and venue team but want a unified vision and a plan to follow to make your vision come to life.

This tool will put words and a plan to your ideas and give you a document to communicate your vision in a cohesive way with your vendor team.



This is the exact same process as my Full Service clients, only you will implement on your own.

It will encompass a FULL vision of your day from start to finish. It serves as a rubic for all vendors outlining a cohesive plan and clear vision. 



Design Consulting

Just a touch of design support


Do you need help in only one area of design? Do you feel like you can design on your own once your color story and vibe is clearly outlined?  Design Consulting focuses on the area of design you need most.  

With Design Consulting, you have most areas under control, but need support creating a clear vision for one or a small handful of design moments such as floral vision, tabletop design, or wedding party attire. 

To ensure a cohesive design across all vendors, color story, materiality and texture, and outline of your mood and vision is always included.

Pricing starts at $750.


How many weddings do you take each season?

How many weddings do you take each season?

My full service openings are limited.  This allows for great awareness to detail and a concierge-style experience in which the entire planning process is customized to fit each client’s style of planning.

Design Blueprint and Design Consulting have no particular limit, however, in order to maintain my commitment to a boutique sensibility, I’ll stop accepting once I’ve reached my threshold. I’ll never compromise your experience.

Are you the person I’ll work with?

Are you the person I’ll work with?

Yes! I do not have a team that works with me for the planning and design process. I will be behind every email, every phone call and at every meeting.  

Do you have a team?

Do you have a team?

While I work independently in my day-to-day operations to maintain the incredibly close pulse on all things related to your event, I have a very talented team who supports me for production and day of management. 

In addition, I have a team of highly specialized professionals that I work with for graphic design, public relations, business coaching, legal, web design and copywriting.

You seem to focus strongly on design. I’m worried about logistics and think I may want a more logistics focused planner.

You seem to focus strongly on design. I’m worried about logistics and think I may want a more logistics focused planner.

Design doesn't stand a chance if logistics aren't impeccable.  With fifteen years of wedding and event planning experience, I know logistics are the foundation of a solid design.  When I'm working in a full service capacity, every move I make is first carefully calculated to ensure it’s backed by rock solid logistics. Only then is the design idea presented. 

How do I understand pricing?

How do I understand pricing?

My Full Service is priced individually based on scope of project.  Blueprint Design is $3,000 and Design Consulting starts at $750.00