Our styling service caters to both brands and events.

Our unique market position for styling brings the expertise of a planner and designer to your photoshoot or event. 

With an acute understanding of the importance of showcasing and highlighting the great effort put into the smallest details for event styling and understanding customer insights for brand styling, we work 1:1 with our clients to understand what matters most.

Our event styling work has been featured in Over the Moon.  Our brand work most notably includes JJill and an award-winning global cheese supplier, yes, that one was fun!

Wondering how it works?

the process

This comprehensive offering includes photography shot lists, concept development, on-site production, prop sourcing and anything else it may take to get the job done the EL way.

We have a vast network of top photography and film professionals.


We work 1:1 with your marketing team to understand your customer insights and managements objectives.

We present a concept deck for your approval.


For our event professionals.

We understand the hours of work dedicated to each detail.  We work 1:1 with you to understand areas of importance and aesthetic.

We'll style those special details and work with your photography and film team to ensure the details are captured.

You can focus on the greater details knowing the small details are well taken care of.


Our services include a photography shot list and prop sourcing.  

We work with you and your photography team to understand fine details that matter such as timeline, venue set up restrictions and much more.


corporate styling client

"Thank you so much for your time and creativity on this project! The level of quality you produced speaks volumes to where you are now and the potential for you to be standouts in the industry. 

Thank you again for your flexibility and your professionalism."

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