Perfect for the couple who would like to rely entirely on a single, capable partner for design & planning, production and coordination.  Consider us your project managers overseeing every fine detail of your planning process and wedding day.

You envision your wedding infused with personal style and individuality and seek the expertise of a design-saavy partner to translate your unique vision into a memorable experience for every guest.

Full service partnerships are exclusively for couples getting married in Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Connecticut.

Wondering how it works?

the process

Just as the foundation of a home must be built steadfast, the foundation of your event follows the same needs.

During our first phase, we build a vendor team who are artisans in their own craft, align stylistically and with a mirrored goal of impeccable customer service.

We begin design discussions, and begin mapping out planning foundations including timeline, budget and logistics.


With foundational details strongly in place, we move to some of the more exciting parts of planning.

A comprehensive, 50+ page design Concept Deck is presented during this phase. 

This document begins to show you how your ideas can come to life in a cohesive and unique way.


Upon design approval, we move to refinement.  

Logistics and timelines are fine tuned.  Design details are finessed to perfection and we are heading into our final phase of planning. 


We are finalizing details and beginning production ensuring your investment is flawlessly taken care of.

Our purpose in this phase is to allow you to relax and be present.  

Our full service partnerships include a time commitment of roughly 350 hours of planing and design time.  Another approximate 100+ hours from Elizabeth and her team is dedicated the week of your wedding


Mother of the bride

"I cannot help review all that YOU did from the start. We all want to take credit for making this a great event, but I look back at all that YOU did, from the very beginning.

 Most important, you listened! Yet, you were not afraid to introduce new ideas, even if you thought they may not work. You always made us go back and look to make sure we liked our plan. You brought in amazing vendors to fulfill our “vision”, all of whom really set thing apart. You had all the sources…the harpist, the calligrapher, the Irish band (who were all great BTW) the DJ for the karaoke party, he killed it…

The complete dependency on you for the “rain plan” ...that could have been such a disaster and was a total success. How crazy, and it worked and was super fun. All the shuttling back and forth, and then staying until the wee hours of the night, morning actually, still organizing everything.

All these things fall into the exceptional category. But what I loved most about working with you, besides your breadth of experience, vast resources and uber professionalism at all times…was your calm, patient demeanor. Never once were you demanding or frustrated, you never showed at least. Never once did you say , “No” or “ you have to” or “you must”. "

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